Simple malware defense for online messaging platforms.

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What's Howl?

A loyal companion bot that protects against malicious activity.

Stop chasing your own tail when it comes to cybersecurity. Start protecting your server with Howl.


Simple Technology

Developed with Python and hosted on a GCP Compute Instance.


Easily Deployable

Add Howl to your server for free in seconds, no strings attached!


Extremely Reliable

Integrated with CrowdStrike's Falcon Sandbox malware analysis.


Threat Analysis.

Howl detects and analyses every external link posted in your server for malicious activity.

  • Tick Sniffs out malware, scam, and phishing attempts
  • Tick AV architecture, detection, and scanning
  • Tick Returns results in seconds

Threat Intelligence.

Howl documents information on each security incident in its database for future review and reporting.

  • Tick Records threat actor information
  • Tick Documents security incident in real time
  • Tick Stores threat database for review and reporting


Four Statistics, One Good Boy



Servers Protected



Threats Detected



Lines of Code



Cups of Coffee

Protection for both work and play.

We offer two variants of Howl, one for Discord and one for Slack, to ensure that you're protected across multiple platforms.*

Howl for Discord

Join the fur-reign legion!

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Howl for Slack

For a paw-sitive workspace!

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* Howl is maintained on a regular basis. You'll only need to add Howl to your server once to get access to all future updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some more in-fur-mation about Howl, directly from us to you!

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While Howl does collect and document information pertaining to threat incidents, this information is available only to you. We'll never use your data without your permission!

Howl is forever free-to-use, and we'll never charge you a penny or ask for your purchase information in any way!

Howl is extremely proficient in detecting malware ranging from phishing and scam attempts to malicious content. We use CrowdStrike's hybrid file analysis approach that combines runtime data with memory dump analysis to extract all possible execution pathways even for the most evasive malware.

Aside from utilizing CrowdStrike's Falcon Sandbox API, Howl is coded with care using Python and deployed on a GCP Compute Instance.

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